Claire Hawksbridge   

MA Integrative Arts Psychotherapy  
Interfaith Minister & Spiritual Counsellor

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Do you have a problem with relationship?
Are you worried about life?
Feeling depressed? Isolated?
Suffering from low self-esteem?
Trapped by what others expect of you?

It is important to find the right therapist for you, and the best way to find out if I am the right therapist for you is for us to meet, or call, so I am offering the first hour free of charge.

It is possible to have successful counselling on the phone as well as in person, something I have experience of.

I am a qualified therapist and Interfaith minister with spiritual counselling experience, who can help you to approach these difficulties from an integrative, creative and spiritual perspective.

I take a non-judgemental approach, and will support you to find your own pathway through these difficulties.








Claire has proved herself to have extraordinary abilities as a counsellor, showing remarkable insight into how and who I am. She unwaveringly shines a clear light where most needed, enabling me to reflect and enquire into those aspects of me that I would otherwise not, or choose not, to see.
  This is not possible without knowing that I am held in love and safety, giving me the courage to look within at those places I could not go alone.
  She has heard and embraced my deepest grief, my helpless confusion, my inner torments in such a compassionate way that I have been able to release them gratefully.


Throughout the 4 years that I worked with Claire I was always impressed by her willingness and enthusiasm to explore the depths of her own psyche and her compassion and ability to empathise with others on their journey.

Claire is clear sighted, kind-hearted, innovative and plugged into the Divine Light and Love. It flows through her and from her like electricity. You are in safe, strong and compassionate hands.

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