Independant Celebrant


You choose your own venue, flowers, participants etc.
Why not choose your own ceremony?

I will listen to you, find out what you really want and what you really don’t want, offer ideas to help you, and from this write a ceremony that reflects you and has heart and meaning for you.
A ceremony that brings your loved ones together, that carries
the right atmosphere for you, and that comes from giving your ceremony the effort, respect and care it deserves.

I do not specialise in any particular cultural faith or background, though I have experience of many, enjoying the diversity of our human family. Your preferences and beliefs are what matter.

Your ceremony is so important, a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I fully commit to honouring you in this, and I am here for you on this journey.

This service is relatively new.  Many are unaware of the options and the rewards for bringing a personal touch and new ideas to ceremonies. This allows individuals, couples, family and the whole community to shine.

I  am as happy to conduct your ceremony in nature as in a town hall, in a place of worship as in a stately home, in a hot air balloon as on a boat.

I can write and hold the whole ceremony, or take on a part of it.  I am an ordained Interfaith Minister, who serves all faiths and none.  Cost-wise, I provide a range of options; please call to find out more.